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Nintendo’s latest products:

Croko Box Advanced

Capacity: 2,4MB

Price: ¥850

Functions: this console uses game disks, so you can play even more games. It has a huge capacity, allowing you to store pictures. 

Release date: 1982

Status: still in production


Capacity: ...

Price: ¥120

Functions: This gaming handheld is portable, and each version has it’s own game! If you want to olay another game, you can also use game cards! Super innovative. Supports two person games.

Release date: 1980

Status: In production

Croko Box II

Capacity: 32kB

Price: ¥290

Function: has even more games than Croko Box I, with a total of 5. Able to store more photos, and the animations of games have improved. It also supports multiplayer, so two people can play in the same game.

Release date: 1978

Status: Production stopped, still in sale

Croko box III

Capacity: 128kB

Price: ¥330

Function: you have can play 6 games, store 4 times more photos than Croko Box II, and supports sound for the first time. Also improved sprites and animations. Supports multiplayer, up to 3 people can play together.

Release date: 1979

Status: still in production

Nintendo products 2:

Nintendo’s articles:

Go to Nintendo E3’s presentation! Guarenteed to surprise anyone who comes, Nintendo will show you the biggest innovation in the gaming world. Come to it in 1980. 

In association with CrokoTECH:

We have advanced our gaming method, and we are currently working together with Croko to make the best gaming consoles. The Croko box can play arcade games, with animation.