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Apple products:

Apple III

Capacity: 128kB, 256kB

Price: 3200¥-3320¥

Description: Apple III has improved alot. It has a bigger screen, you can store way more stuff than anything else. This is the first Apple computer with sound, and backlight screens. It supports wireless and with wire communication. 

Release date: 1980

Status: in production

Apple II plus

Capacity: 48kB, 64kB

Price: ¥1120, 64kB=¥1190

Description: this Apple II functions with the Apple II. It is faster, surfs over more, better screen quality. 

Release date: 1979

Status: still in production

Apple Disk II

Capacity: ...

Price: ¥600

Discription: this is the cheapest disk drive ever. It is functional for Apple II series and Apple III series. It is very easy to use, and you can watch anything compatible. 

Release date: 1978

Status: in production


Apple II

Capacity: 4kB, 12kB, 32kB

Price: 4kB=¥880. 12kB=¥1100. 32kB=¥1260

Discription: This computer succeeds Apple I, improved alot of things. This computer has a screen and you can view photos, print stuffs, and even acces the internet.

Release: 1977

Status: still in production

Apple I

Capacity: 4kB

Price: ¥660

Discription: first apple computer, handier than anything else. This computer can store photos and print stuff.

Release: 1976

Status: Stopped production(1977), still in sale