Lumey, as a project of LGJ

Normally, we, as LGJ make fake news and sandboxupdates, but this time, it’s time for a project.

General informations about the project.

LGJteam, together with Bart started the project in January 2019 as schoolwork. We did everything in one day. We made use of the fact that there was snow outside, so the Battle of Den Brielle was basically a snowball fight. 

What did we use for the project?

Our iPad. Yes. Well, we used it to film. Luckily Joep had some swords so we could use it for the battle. We took our script, and discussed the location of the scene. After no waste of time, we filmed in the living room, the first scene. The second scene was outside, so we did go. We used a sleigh, to act like someone was bend to a fake horse and got tortured. The third scene was also outside, so we did it at the garden. It was the battle, took all of our equipments and fought. At the fourth scene, Johan had to leave and the other three continued inside.

The script

The script was already written in November 2018. Because a previous teacher, gave us the assignment. But the assignment temporary took a break. Now January, the assignment continued and we used the old script. Joep changed the script, and printed it.

Information of the people


Not a member of LGJ, but participates to finish the project. He does know about the LeuGJournaal.


Joep was one of the 3 first members of the LeuGJournaal. He joined in mid-November 2015, at the same time of other 2. One however, joined a few minutes later.


Kenzo originally ‘invented’ LGJ. It was his idea. He was one of the three first members, joined late 2015.


He is the technical of the team. Uploading the video’s, updating the websites and even making games. He was one of the three first members to join LGJ.


He was, however, not visible and did not participate with the project. In fact, he had nothing to do with the project. But he was, a loyal member to th LGJ. He joined only a few minutes later than the other three. 

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Division of tasks-

Movie and editor: Johan

Script writer: Joep

Sound: Johan

Cameramens: Kenzo, Bart, Johan

Organiser: Joep

Idea of movie: Bart, Kenzo, Joep(Vagif)

Movie script: Johan

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