Exercises of passive and active voice

1. Make from these sentences passive voices
- Harry ate five shrimps at dinner

Sue changed the flat tire

2. Make from these sentences active voices
- Mary's schedule was kept meticulously

- All your letters have been kept

3. Try to figure out whether these are active or passive voices.
- 1. I have eaten six shrimps at dinner
- 2. Six shrimps were eaten at dinner
- 3. The ballots were counted
- 4. He kicked the teacher

Correct answers underneath 

Correct answers:

1.1: Five shrimps were eaten at dinner.

1.2: The flat tire was changed by Sue.

2.1: n/a

2.2: The letters of you have been kept.

3: 1- Active

    2- Passive

    3- Passive

    4- Active