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CaptiPhone, an even smarter smartphone.

The future of the smartphone is already here. Why waiting for the future while it is here already?

True depth in camera recognises faces better than any other phone does. Your very similar twin will not be able to unlock the phone. The camera recognises your face when you wear whatever glasses, change your hair to whatever style, or if the camera itself is damaged.

Back camera is delivered with three cameras. With a 16 MegaPixel camera you are able to take the best shots. Even able to provide holograms to game, watch movies and read books.

CaptiPhone runs Caprios X. It’s the most advanced software in the world. With the exclusive CaptioStore, you can download millions of apps, books, movies and songs. 

Real wireless charging, no wire at all. The wireless magnet is storable for up to 460% of your phones battery. 2 and a half hour to charge 460%, 42 hours to spend it completely. Standard delivered with the phone.

CaptiPhone II, equally good, includes a homebutton.

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