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More information on conscription

Published on 31 October 2019 at 21:54

Den Bosch, Croket Union, 31 October 2019. Many girls just celebrated the return or reintroduction of conscription. Parties were held everywhere in the cities of Oss, Den Bosch, and many more. But what exactly will the conscription be?


The Croket Federal government just informed us that the conscription will last for 4 weeks, and will be for girls aged 14 to 25. However, they don’t have to do the trainings. So it is optional, but also compulsory. Much like Norway’s current conscription. 
What about the boys? No, boys won’t be included. The votings have resulted in a female-only conscription. The government tried to bring conscription to boys for gender equality, but most females in the union resisted.

Until now, this is all the information we could get. Stay tuned for more.


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