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Conscription and drafting in the Croket Republics

Published on 5 March 2009 at 18:05

Conscription has been absent in the Croket Republics for a long time. In the first world war, the parliament considered to introduce conscription for all boys and girls aged 18 to 25, but chose to not do it. The first active drafting occurred in the second world war. Afraid of Germany, the Republic held a voting for all citizens aged 18 and up. After 93% voted in favor of conscription, the draft was introduced. All girls aged 18 to 25 and all boys aged 20 to 24 were conscripted. When Germany invaded the Netherlands, the Croket army fled to various parts of Europe, including the UK. After the war, the government decided to abolish conscription. But in fear of a Soviet or American invasion, the draft would only be active during wartime. Many teenagers aged 16 to 19, and most of them were girls, volunteered in the army. Patriotism was very high, as a survey in 1982 reported that 90% of girls aged 15 to 22 had ever served in the army voluntarily. After the cold war, the draft was forgotten. In 2006, the Croket parliament considered to reintroduce the draft, but it didn’t happen. A recent survey in 2008, showed that young people(especially girls), show strong interest in conscription and joining the military. Now, will the government ever reintroduce the draft? Unlikely. But, if they hold another poll and let people vote, the chances are very high that conscription would be reintroduced.


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